Finally The Wait is Over – Windows 8 is Here!

Windows 8

Have you been waiting for the flagship Microsoft product, Windows 8? If yes, now the wait is over. The all new much awaited Windows 8 is now on sale and that too for a low upgrade price of $39.95.

“This is the best release of Windows ever,” Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky said at the Windows 8 launch event in New York today. He further stated that Windows 8 has been heavily road-tested, with 1.24 billion hours of pre-release testing across 190 countries.

With market analysis forecasting sales of around 400 million PCs, mostly equipped with windows 8, Microsoft is certainly going to get a boost in its sales. To help begin the process of deploying windows 8, many PCs have already been certified to work with the new OS. The company however also hopes that the previous version, Windows 7 continues with its success in the industry where more than half of the enterprises use it. Windows 8 might also present a fresh challenge before these companies which have been acquainted with the old interface in use for nearly two decades. The touch capabilities and other powerful features might take up some time with users to adapt.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presented his opinion as “Windows 8 shattering perceptions of what a PC is seen as”. Embracing the future, windows 8 comes with all you can ask for, faster logging in and booting times, stronger security, perfect synchronization features, navigation with the charms bar, multi touch gestures on touch pads  many developed features and applications and a seamless transition among a number of devices. Also, as the whole OS has been designed for a unified approach to both PC and tablets, it works as wonderful with touch as with keyboard and mouse. Committed to become Microsoft’s weapon in the Mobile and smartphone market, the company prepares to stand against major competitors in the market, Google and Apple.

The new Windows store is also coming out well ,with nearly 10000 apps in collection and rising. “Developers are working fast and furiously to stock the shelves of the new Windows Store,” Ballmer said.

“In the case of Windows 8, seeing, touching, clicking and swiping is really believing,” Ballmer commented in his closing remarks.

So, within a $40 price tag if you are getting more than what you asked for, why not try the bold thinking of the Microsoft innovated in their all new Windows 8?


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