Facebook’s Email Error Caused By a Bug

If you were also troubled with Facebook changing the email address on your profile to its new @facebook.com address, then a permanent relief might come soon. A Facebook official said that it was not intentional and a software bug was responsible for creating all the issues. However, the company is now fixing the problem and a solution will be generated soon.

The mess angered Facebook users all over the world as it resulted in misdirected emails and messages throughout the web. The problem followed last week when Facebook’s own addresses went visible by default on the site, rather than the original emails that were listed. The move was made to let the users have more and independent control over their messages through this new system. But, the bug replaced the user’s contact address books with the @facebook.com addresses. So, these addresses were being pulled instead of the authentic ones.

Facebook Email

Facebook Email

On some devices, the bug was synchronizing the last email linked to the account instead of the primary address resulting in messages sent to incorrect and unchecked inboxes. Also, the bug made third party addresses invisible by default, so consequently the pre-existing contacts were removed from the device.

Facebook has commented that this trouble is encountered by only a few devices, for instance, Blackberry and Android phones, and devices running the beta versions of Apple’s iOS6 and Microsoft’s Windows Phone but it is in the process of correcting it so that the devices pull the correct addresses. If you are one of the victim of this faux, till the issue is properly resolved, you can change your privacy settings to show only primary emails and not the Facebook addresses. In the account settings, we can choose if we want to receive messages from friends, friends of friends or anyone. If the first two categories send a message to our @facebook.com address, it moves into the inbox but it is from any other random person, it goes into another folder. On the other hand, if you don’t want such messages, they will be pushed out.

So, the moral of the story is that Facebook should have first analyzed the effects of its new mail system and let people know about any such impact rather than just making it go air at once all around the world. Still, a lesson learnt will be more than enough for the social networking giant to not pull such stunts in the future. Although the intensity was not much grave to users quitting the network but if such drawbacks are not handled well, it can certainly cause the company some loss in terms of its viewership.


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