How to Add a Live Facebook Timeline Feed Window on Lock & Home Screen of iDevices

Android OS is admired for many things i.e.: big collection of free apps, usability, version upgrade intervals and etc. While the widgets feature remains to be the biggest Likes grabber as users enjoy having shortcuts to everything on their Home/Lock Screens. On the other hand, iOS users lack over this advantage.

However if you have a jailbroken iOS device you can enjoy the goodness of widgets. A new Facebook Live Widgets package has hit the Cydia store (by BlueMetal). It has been meant for adding the Facebook Timeline Feed Window/Widget on the lock/home screen of jailbroken iOS devices.

This Facebook tweak package basically contains 3 separate widgets that let the users to connect with Facebook and their timelines. The first 2 widgets are meant for home screen and vary per size. The Timeline windows are sized in a way that users can easily have 2 or 3 rows of application icons together with the Facebook widget.

Facebook iOS widget

The 3rd widget is made for the iDevice’s lock screen and dominates the full available screen space amid the clock at the top of the screen and the slide to unlock pattern at the base. The functionality of all the 3 widgets is extraordinary and provides live streaming from the logged-in Facebook account. Simply install it from the ModMyi repository for a small cost of $0.99 only (no specific iOS version requirement). Once that you have installed it on your iDevice activate the widgets through the WinterBoard application. The timeline window will be refreshed by itself and the layout will appear in a scrollable format as shown in the image above.

Note: Since the timeline is refreshed repeatedly, the battery power is drained at a faster rate.


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