Facebook Rumored to Launch Its Own Phone

The social networking giant, Facebook, amid low market response is in news again. Now, it is rumored to produce its own mobile phone in collaboration with Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer HTC. Designer Michal Bonikowski has planned to make a handset specially dedicated to Facebook addicts and the device will likely to spot quite a big display of 4.2 inches as opposed to other HTC phones (images posted on some websites). According to people familiar with the issue, Facebook has also hired former Apple employees who are supposed to be working with HTC on this new project.

HTC Salsa Facebook Phone

HTC Salsa Facebook Phone

To be revealed mid next year, the phone will be painted Facebook, completed with a flat body and soft blunt edges. It may even resemble HTC’s other unibody metal pieces like HTC One S and HTC One V. Along with an 8-megapixel main camera and a high resolution 5-megapixel front camera, the phone will ensure smooth video chats.

According to the Telegraph, HTC has already produced the first phones to feature a dedicated Facebook button, and is looking for a way to differentiate its products from those of rival manufacturer Samsung. The report pointed out that building its own device could allow Facebook to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone’s different functions.

Facebook has declined to comment on report. The company, however, said in a statement that they ‘are working across the entire mobile industry to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world.’

Overlooking the Facebook addiction, there are certainly other doubts regarding this hugely Facebook centered device. Apart from networking, there are a plenty of other functionalities which are expected in a smartphone by its potential user. Also, with Facebook’s shares falling to record low lately, a bold move like this is unlikely to be succeeded if devised without due market research and customer’s requirements.

Now, if these are mere rumors or Zuckerberg has really sanctioned the project is looming in the heads of people all over the world. So, let’s wait and see what really is brimming with the company and its plans.


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