Facebook Launching Targeted Mobile Advertising

Facebook is coming after your privacy now. Does the statement concerns you? Well, it’s now mobile targeted ads! Unfortunately even if the company claims the move is to bring the user interaction to the next level, somewhere it is certainly going to harm user’s privacy.

The news is Facebook is launching a new mobile advertising feature that involves targeted advertisements based on the apps the user uses and consequently displaying the ads which may attract his interest as opposed to random advertising. The famous “Facebook Connect” feature which helps user log into various websites like Amazon, Ebay, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp etc will track the apps and then the company will target ads using that content. Also, it is being said that Facebook can even follow a person’s track, as to what are they doing on the app, although it has not been finalized yet.



To be launched later this month for the developers and advertisers all over the world, Facebook is really on the hook to upgrade its Mobile Profile. With more than half of the users of the social network on smartphones, it may be a clever move for the company to utilize the limited ways of advertising on phones to its advantage. Monetizing via the targeted ads on phones will be then possible for advertisers and ultimately Facebook.

The move may prove to be highly remunerative for the company which went public last May. It would be charging a good sum of money from the advertisers on apps installation. Subsequently, user’s News feed will then contain the ads which will be highly meant for the user and his friends. For instance, if someone is visiting a shopping site very often using Friend Connect, then other products of the same site will be mostly displayed on his phone’s feed.

Till now, if you have liked a brand or product on Facebook or other companies your friends are related to, only those advertisements are upheld on your social network profile but with this new transition, privacy of users is really under stroke. Some people are of the view that options should be made available to opt out of the targeted mobile advertising, which Facebook may make possible too, considering any breach in its reputation, otherwise. However, for the time being, the company declined to comment on any such concerns.

Other big giants like Apple and Google also track the Users’ apps but the entire course is different. Apple has covered in its privacy policy that the company can target ads on the basis of apps downloaded from its store. Google does not target ads but it can and neither of them track what people are actually doing on the apps, unlike the Facebook plans.


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