Facebook Introduces HashTags to Make Conversations Real Time


FacebookThe social networking giant, Facebook has recently introduced support for clickable hashtags, a feature similar to other services like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ etc. These hashtags will enable the user to see a feed of live discussions about a particular topic. The trend initiated by twitter allows the people to get into real time conversations surrounding celebrities, events, world affairs, news, in short anything. “People were already using hashtags on Facebook — we just made them clickable,” a spokesperson says.

The company says, hashtags are a first step toward making it easier for users to find out what others are discussing. For instance, typing a hash sign in front of “Cricket” or “HotNewsWorld” will produce links which the user can select to find other posts/pages about Cricket or the topic they’re interested in. It also said that people can also search for hashtags from the search bar, click on them and compose status updates right from the hashtag feed.

The new addition was a crucial choice for Facebook, which is losing its charm among teenagers who are getting more pleasure out of other services like Twitter and Instagram. The new survey says that the social networking site is a kind of social burden for many teens and instead they prefer a parent free platform. Now, the new feature might take some time to get the people engaged on the site again.

However, introducing hashtags is yet another way in which Facebook is moving away from connecting people to other users they know, but instead unifying public at a larger level. This kind of architecture was not what the basis or spirit of Facebook stood for i.e an online expansion of the friendships which exist in real life. People had to send friend requests to other person to add them and there was no provision for following them. Now, the whole theme is changing, which is making it simpler for strangers to locate and search you and in a way complete restrict what you share on web.

The initial support for hashtags involves only search with no facility to combine with other Graph search options. Also, no advertising support is yet provided but it is very likely to surface in near future.

For the time being, the Facebook’s hashtags work on the Web only. The company said it plans to release new features as well as its own version of trending of topics in the weeks ahead.


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