Facebook Enables Embedding of Public Posts to Web Pages


FacebookOn its latest path of expanding in the domain of social sharing, networking giant Facebook yet took another step. This time, it has allowed “public posts” to be embedded on third party sites like blogs etc. Initiated by Twitter in 2012, the technique has also been incorporated by Instagram, another photo sharing service owned by Facebook. After the recent introduction of clickable Hashtags, this move further endorses the company’s idea to share public content even though the roots lie in private communication and sharing.

These embedded posts would enable a user to display public posts by an individual or a page on Facebook into his own website, page or blog. Along with the post comes attached, the number of likes it has gathered, shares and comments. In short, the post will exactly be the same as it is when viewed on Facebook.com. Also, the people can directly like, follow the post and author from the embed and can go back to Facebook for other related content.

Still marked for a complete roll, right now only 5 sites can be previewed. Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and People are these first five sites but soon timeline posts would consist of an “Embed” option that will let the user copy the HTML into a desired page. This embedding functionality however will only be available to the posts which have been shared publicly. So, if your post is private or shared only among your friends circle, no one can embed it.

How to Embed a Post?

• It is possible to obtain the code from the Facebook’s configurator or copy it from the post as described below.

• First, check if the post to be embed is public. The globe icon at the audience selector indicates the same. If the post is public, clicking on the icon at the right corner of the post presents the option of “Embed Post” in a dropdown. When chosen, a dialog box appears with the code to embed the post which can be pasted in the website.

The main idea of the company here seems to leave a richer presence on the web. Similar to the Like button, people will be embedding posts on their web pages which will drive the users and visitors to Facebook. However, more prominently, Facebook is aiming to be a favorite among newsmakers and content creators who will spend a considerable amount of time to contribute and enhance their content in hope of getting embedded and published further.


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