Facebook Acquires Spool, Mobile Content Caching Startup

Facebook’s latest acquisition, Spool, a mobile content-caching startup, launched last year in September. Spool was founded by Avichal Garg, who also launched education startup PrepMe and Curtis Spencer associated with Kosmix and Oracle. The company has informed its users about the shutting down of its services and recommended present users to sync their Spool bookmarks with other products. The founders stated that they would now be pursuing their vision “to make content easy to consume on a mobile device” as a part of Facebook.



Spool is simply like bookmarking your stuff to be reviewed later on the phone. It’s an easy way to save articles, image galleries and videos to get back to later. All you have to do is click on the Spool add-on in the browser and the page you are on will be shown up on the phone according to the Spool Blog. So, the startup seemed interesting for articles whose length is long, for blog posts and certainly for videos, you are not able to watch at the current time. It would handle these bookmarks in a email and provide to the user simple links, also explaining how import of the content can be made to browser and other services.

The startup managed to raise $1 million of venture capital this January too from noted groups like Felicis ventures, Yuri Milner’s Start Fund and YouTube founder Steve Chen. The acquisition will help Facebook improvise its mobile content consumption area though it seems more like Talent acquiring act as the team of Spool, the 5 employees will be working for the social networking giant.

Facebook issued the statement “The Spool team has deep expertise in mobile software development and a passion for making content easy to consume. We’re excited for the team to join and accelerate their vision at Facebook.”


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