Easy Blog Commenting With Firefox Plugin

Easy Comment

Blog commenting is a better way to build backlinks SEO point of view. but it helps to get traffic too. We have to fill Title, URL, Email and Comment during blog commenting but you know, it take time to fill manually .

If you have to do 100 comment, have to give much time to do this JOB. but now you can do this JOB easily through FireFox Plugin. it will help you to Automatically fill out Blog Comment Forms. 🙂

Comment Setting

Download easyComment from here!

Once you have installed the Firfox Plugin, you will get it at the bottom right side of your Firefox browser. Simply right click on it and select “Manage Profiles”. Now whenever you do comment on any blog which you like, all you need to Do is right click on the Easy Comment and select the profile you want to use.


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