How to Double Your iPhone Battery Life

Apart from using iPhone battery extenders there are a variety of other ways which users can use to lengthen the life of an iPhone battery. The methods require little effort from users and if they can put that effort they can get tad good extended battery life in an iPhone. Moreover, users should not feel alien practicing such tricks as they are not the only one who are fed up with awful life of iPhone battery and adhering to path beaten tricks to double the lifespan of iPhone battery.

iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery

The first act users are required to do is turn off the 3G. There are times when users are not in a terrain wherein 3G services are not available. When you put on your 3G on the assumption that there may be some 3G service, you lose a noteworthy portion of battery life. It’s always a wise choice to put off 3G services when there is every likelihood that there is no such service in a particular region or areas; moreover, 3G radio eats more battery than any other service, therefore, it is better to put it off when not in use.

Doing so, users can get nearly double the life of iPhone 3G Battery from 5 hours of talk time to 10 hours of talk time. In order to turn off 3G service in your iPhone you need to go to home screen, tap Settings / General / Network / and Enable 3G Off. Similarly, dimming the screen brightness works wonderfully in enhancing the life of an iPhone battery. It’s known that the screen brightens uses battery power and if the same is decreased there would be less use of the energy. The brightness of an iPhone can be diminished by going to settings.

Whereas turning off 3G services when not available enhances the iPhone Battery life, turning off GPS when not needed can help uses use battery life when needed the most. Therefore, users when not in need to track their location can turn off the service and save precious battery life. Turning off GPS services in an iPhone is easy. Users need to go to Settings then tap General, and then turn off Location Services; and the GPS is off for time being.



Similarly, turning off Wi-Fi can improve the battery of an iPhone very significantly. Like 3G services, Wi-Fi services too are not always available everywhere and putting them always on is wasting the battery power which otherwise can be used for other useful purposes. Therefore, when users are in the areas where there are no Wi-Fi they should put the same off by going to home screen and taping Settings. There you see Wi-Fi and options On or Off, you just put it off.

It has been seen that most of the battery life of an iPhone use is wasted when though some feature is not in use, yet it is kept on. The best part is that keeping them off saves lots of battery power. Turning off Bluetooth when not in use, particularly when users are not using a Bluetooth headset can surely of great use in terms of saving lots of iPhone battery life. To put off the Bluetooth, users need to go to Settings then tap General, and then turn off Bluetooth.


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