How to Disable Automatic AD Tracking Feature in iOS 6

iOS 6 no doubt has a lot of new interesting features but at the same time your it has a number of features which let your device track your locations and activity levels. This might be a thing to complain for; at least for some users or everyone I think who is running iOS 6.

As per the current reports, Apple is monitoring the activities on devices running iOS 6 through a somewhat new technology called “Identifier for Advertisers” (IFA). This technology basically allots a random and anonymous number to an iOS device which allows the advertisers to provide targeted and relevant advertisements to the users. Take it as a website cookie…!

The main purpose of this technology is to personalize the ad data for providing more accurate content to the users according to their interests. But just wait and think for a second. Why is it enabled by default and why the option is so hard to find? It may be because Apple is getting something in return, I guess???! Since apple has hidden this feature so deep down in the menus which a user cannot imagine of.

If you want to disable this feature in your iOS 6 device, go to the Settings > General > About > Advertising. There you’ll find an opposite feature “Limit Ad Tracking” by enabling which the ad tracking feature will be disabled.


So did you think of it?


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