Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Tab

When the first time the DELL back flipped the INSPIRON DUO rotating screen well all the audience were merely amazed. It was the normal old NETBOOK where it was a morph into a tablet when the 10.1 capacitive touch screen did its magical flip and had folded down to its keyboard and it had been ever had not been seen reported. well thought it would in the concept version of it but it is out of the DELL LABs well its specs were A dual core atom N550 processor, with a 2GB RAM and a BROADCOM CRYSTAL HD Accelerator and it is a one of its own hybrid tablet and its is a real hot deal and it is on with Running WINDOWS 7 Home premium and I especially feel that this is a perfect hybrid for the WINDOWs 8 because it is more in to its touch resistive GUI in, well this a one of its own kind of a hybrid tablet is netted at the 550$ and it has a booth the features of a NETBOOK and a Tablet so a perfect gadget to buy.

Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid Tab


Windows 7 home premium
ATOM N550 dual Core processor
10.1 inch touch display (capacitive touch)
250GB SATA hard drive
Wireless lane 802.11nb/g/n

Price TAG:

Dell inspiron duo will be available from this December and starting at 550$ and it is priced in INDIA is around APPROX 25 to 30k.


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