Create a Bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB Drive / DVD / SD Card

The OS X Mountain Lion operating system comes in a form of a digital download through the Mac App Store which makes it difficult for people to carry it along with them and make it portable to install in other devices whenever they want to. What if you could create a bootable OS X Mountain Lion file in your portable drives like USB, DVD, SD cards and other peripherals? Well you would be happy to know that there is a free utility through which you can do the same. The name of that utility is “LION DISKMAKER”

How to create a bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB Drive / DVD / SD through Lion DiskMaker

Here are the steps through which you can create a bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB/SD Card/DVD drive via the Lion DiskMaker tool:

Step#1: First of all, you need to install the Lion DiskMaker tool from this link. Simply download the latest version of the application (which is 2.0rc2). Download the OS X Mountain Lion from this link (Mac App Store).

Step 1

Step#2: Run the compressed/zipped file from the download path and launch the executable file present in the same folder.

Step 2

Step#3: At this point, the utility window will start to load. Some information regarding the installation along with three individual buttons will be displayed on the screen in this window. Select the option “Mountain Lion (10.8)”

Step 3

Please note: If in case the application is not able to locate your OS X Mountain Lion download image, simply head over to the application’s folder and locate the copy of the software update which you had downloaded in step#1.

• Click on the right key of your mouse on the downloaded file and choose “Show Package Contents”.
• Head over to the “Contents” and go inside the “SharedSupport” folder and there you will see a file labeled “InstallESD.dmg”.

Step#4: Now you will see two options “Burn a DVD” or “Create a boot disk” via Flash drive or SD Card. Select the option according to your requirement.

Step 4

If you have executed the above steps correctly, you should now have OS X Mountain Lion in your desired portable drive.


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