How to Convert Micro/Mini SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone 5

There are mainly two ways through which you can get a Nano SIM card for your iPhone 5. The first method is to consult your local carrier’s customer office to replace your current SIM with a Nano SIM and the second method is to DO-IT-YOURSELF. The latter has been defined in the below guide by following which you can convert your Micro and Mini SIM Card into a Nano SIM.

You will need the following items:

  • A4-sized paper
  • A printer
  • Sandpaper or file
  • Ruler and marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Disclaimer: This is only a tested method which may not result in 100% accurateness. You may damage your SIM badly, which could result in malfunctioning. We are not to blame if anything happens to your SIM after following the below guide.

Step#1: Use your printer to create hardcopies of PDF files (same as this link) on an A4 page with 100% scale.

Step#2: Now put your current SIM card (either Mini or Micro) on the selected phase. In case of a Mini SIM, put it on the second highlighted area. If you have a Micro SIM, put it on the third and last.

Step#3: Now use a piece of tape to stick your SIM to the highlighted sketch. Perfection is the key here; so do your work neatly.

Step#4: Take a ruler and a marker to mark the 5 lines along which you have to cut.

Step#5: Now use a scissor to cut the edges. Cut the edges neatly to make them smoother by using sandpaper or a file.

There you have a home-made Nano-SIM ready to use with your iPhone 5!


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