Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You

A digital camera is like one of the primary necessities of people right now. People love to take photos. If you are one of those people who are planning to buy a new digital camera then this article will be a big help to you. Choosing a camera is not about the number of megapixels but it depends on where and how you are going to use it. The following are the types of digital camera that have different features depending on your needs.

Digital Camera

• Compact Point and Shoot: This type of digital camera is ideal for novices and travelers. Compact point and shoot cameras are small and user friendly. There are only few buttons because the camera settings are automatic. In buying this type of camera, be sure to consider the size of the LCD because it functions as a viewfinder. The number of megapixels should not be considered that much because cameras that are being sold nowadays have more than enough megapixels.

• Super Zoom Camera: This camera is ideal for concert goers and sports spectators. Because of its great zooming abilities, one can capture a nice photo of his or her favorite artists/athlete even at far. Unlike other digital cameras, it uses optical zoom so it produces good long shots. Super zoom cameras usually look like mini DSLRs.

• Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera: This camera is used to shoot like a pro. If you don’t like having the trouble of carrying big SLRS, then this one’s for you. It is also called mirror less compact camera. When buying this type of camera, decide first on how many lenses you can actually buy. This will also serve as a guide when choosing which brand of camera to buy. Some cameras have a number of readily available lenses while some have few. Using a mirror less compact camera is more advance than using automatic cameras like the point and shoot and the super zoom.

• Digital SLRs: One of the most popular in the market today is the DSLR camera. Whether for professional photography or not, people loved buying this type of camera. If you want perfect shooting control and great picture quality, this one’s what you looking for. Unlike the first three, it has a number of buttons for the different adjustments so you need basic knowledge to achieve a perfect picture.


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