Choosing the Best Tablet for You

From high-technology mobile phones to tablet PCs. Different gadgets are appearing in the market and its number is continuously growing. Today, the popularity of tablet PCs is trending. Different companies have been creating their own versions of tablets that were first introduced by Apple. One of the most well-known operating system of tablet PCs is the Android OS by Google. Android is one of the major competitors of Apple’s operating system for it is used by different tablet manufacturers.

So if you are interested in buying a tablet but you don’t know what to choose, then this article will help you. The following are some points to consider on deciding which is the best tablet for you.

The first thing that you should put in mind is to choose an operating system. Like what is said earlier, there are two major OS that you may want to choose from if you’re really looking for a good product. There’s Apple’s iPad and the Android OS which is operated in many hardware choices like Asus, HTC, Samsung, Amazon, etc. Apple has a standard mobile platform called Apple iOS which is used by iPad and iPhone and as well as iTouch. On the other hand, many versions of the Android OS have been released and the latest version is the Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich which combines the Honeycomb and Gingerbread version. There are also tablet companies that have customized Android versions that are only compatible with their hardware.


Tablet PCs are known for its different applications. Aside from being a portable media player and a good internet surfing tool, you can also play games and use tablets for many other purposes. iPad has 200, 000 plus applications and games that are optimized specifically for the tablet. On the other hand, Android lacks a very strong number of applications and software that are tablet-optimized.

Another thing that you may want to consider is the screen size of the tablet. Android tablets come in different sizes depending on the brand of the hardware while iPad has 9.7 inch screen. And also, you should not forget to consider the storage capacity. As of now, the highest capacity for a tablet is 64GB.

These are just some factors that you should put in mind in choosing a tablet. As a reminder, tablet is only a portable media player; it doesn’t match the capabilities of a PC so it’s for you to decide if you really need to buy one.


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