Change Facebook Login Background

Seeing again and again same page and old page during login facebook. Have you think about to see different facebook login page.. Is it possible?  Yeah 😀 it is possible with Google Chrome Extension Plugin to see different login page.

Facebook Login Page

Facebook Refresh is a google extension which allow to add your own image in background of facebook on Google Chrome Browser. Can add your own background image :-) Same like Twitter background image.

You can set up with just 6 steps :

Step 1 : Open Your Google Chrome Browser!

Step 2 : Download Google Chrome Extension!

Step 3 : Click to INSTALL and Install it!

Facebook Refresh Install

Step 4 : Now type chrome://extensions/ on URL bar and Click on Option

Facebook Refresh Option

Step 5 : Now put there your own image URL!

Facebook Refresh Add URL

Step 6 : Now see facebook.com! 😀


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