Blue Card Advantages for Indian Professionals in Germany

If you are looking for Technical opportunities abroad, here comes a great scheme to join highly professional and lucrative occupations in Germany. With the introduction of the new German Blue card initiative that came into effect in August’12, qualified people from India can look into accessing good job offers in Germany. Along with this, the German government has also called for “Recognition Act” that aims to facilitate recognition of foreign professionals who show extraordinary credentials and work performances.


Earlier there was the German Green card scheme but it was discontinued in 2004. Meant to attract IT techies from non-EU countries, the scheme was started to fill the increasing skill gaps in the country’s IT sector. The largest number of these green cards was issued to Indians only but since the discontinuation, people have greatly missed the chances in the nation.

Besides working professionals, the act offers a number of benefits to foreign students. The German society is now on the verge of ageing and it essentially needs young and skilled people to keep the pace strong. To elaborate on the part, German ambassador in Delhi Michael Steiner, said at a recent Global Skills Summit organized by FICCI, “The new EU blue card is one step towards providing better access to jobs in Germany for skilled international workers. India has a young workforce and an enormous potential to become the country with the largest number of qualified young people. Germany and many of our European partners are ageing societies that need skilled workers. Young and qualified Indians could cater to this specific need”.

The blue cards will provide fast application processing for people seeking to live and work in Germany. To be eligible, a person must have a confirmed job offer or a valid work contract with a employer, have an university degree and earn a minimum annual pay. These holders will enjoy a smooth path to German permanent residence. Their spouses will also qualify for a dependent permit without any need to applying for the authorization. After residing in Germany for nearly 18 months, the cardholder can enter any other European country visa free and apply for blue cards of that particular nation.

The students also, after graduating can reside in the nation for 18 months instead of 12 earlier to look for job opportunities. “Today’s ideas are what make tomorrow’s technologies, products and services possible. This is why we are providing targeted funding for young academics including measures that make it easier for specialists and scientists from abroad to come to Germany,” Federal minister of education and research Annette Schavan, said while releasing the changes last month.


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Image: stedwards.edu


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