Blogging is a Perfect Way to Make Money

It’s easy to create a blog and make money through blogging but when we talk about make money, it’s very simple and easy way to do with your blog. Before think about making money, let’s talk about blogging, if you are new in, you must need know how to create & promote a blog. Can create a free blog with Blogger or can do self hosted blog with your own domain name on WordPress. Now! you must have some idea to update your blog with content, just choose any niche whatever you like and have knowledge about that. Try to update your blog on daily basis or weekly basis whatever you like but if you wanna have more visitors So, give them daily post so that they can come daily on your blog to read.

Make Money with Blogging

Perfect Way to Make Money?

Now! your blog is ready with good & original content. let’s talk about make money with blogging.

1. Apply for Google Adsense, it will take 3 working days to let you know application status. don’t forget to read Get Adsense Account Approved Quickly.

2. If your Adsense application is approved then start Make money with adsense.

3. Can start make money with Affiliate marketing, just go to www.cj.com and sign up there.

4. If your blog have more traffic, can sell ads & links with www.buysellads.com.



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