How to Make Your Blog More Like a Website With WordPress Tips

Firstly any kind of a industry or to be just unique just don’t make a your presence with just copy and paste and if you are truly standing out your presence online with your blog standing is you must be stand still truly. where for the beginners I get give a thorough customization of the wordpress users where it at a certain degree your wordpress theme is never look like a blog and the fact hear is certainly is to hide that your blog is running wordpress theme.

Keep it to The Consistency of Your Customized Sidebar

The sidebar in the wordpress is a kind of a giveaway where the visitors visit your site. And then you have a default titles which of these sections got disappear by changing the sidebar php in the themes. Directory not even you are familiar with the wordpress code and it is so user friendly that easy of work with a simple knowledge is required of how functions are called and how to open and close the IF statements is more enough that helps to customize sidebar.

Use if The DECATEGORIZER for the Cleaner URLs

The one of the most obvious way is the customize to look for the blog urls to use clean permanent links but the thing which you can’t do with the dashboard is to removal of the category of wordpress from the links that point the specific category of the your website where as the decategorizer gets in there handy and kind of a excellent plug-in will help strip the word CATEGORY out off the urls of the wordpress which much give a cleaner experience taking away the blog look.

WordPress Tips

WordPress Tips

The above steps will also help in taking away off the blog look are:

  1. Customize the metadata for the individual posts.
  2. Dot use the taga or the tag clouds.
  3. Changing of the default display of the title bar.
  4. Using of the pages and the sidebar section as the main navigation.
  5. Never call the your website as blog and this is a more of marketing tips which more effective branding in the conjugation with the site.
  6. Remove neither customize the title attributes and the default texts.
  7. And also using of a nice search plug-in clean url searches.


I found that the wordpress theme developers and the if possibly intermediate USERS WILL FIND HELPFUL OF THE TIPS and I am sure that I have missed up a lot but beginners of wordpress will strive hard understanding obvious and hope so that some of tips help s the bloggers to get more customized and get branded their look of their sites getting out to break free from the conformity of blogging.


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