Basics in Buying an LCD Monitor

From the very thick and very heavy monitors to thin flat screens, Technology really evolves very fast. Now if you think you’re getting out of pace and you are still using your daddy’s old monitor, maybe this is the time that you replace it and switch into a new LCD Monitor. If you are having a hard time choosing one, then this article will serve as your guide.

Buying an LCD Monitor

• Size of the Monitor: The first thing that you may want to think of is the size of the monitor. Do you want a big one? Then choose a 24 inch LCD monitor. If you are a gamer or a photographer, it is best for you. It is also suitable for graphic artist especially in using photo editing software. You should also consider the space in your room, if you don’t have a place for a very big monitor then better go for a smaller one. LCD monitors ranges from 15 inches to 30 inches. Take note that the size is measured diagonally.

• Pixel Response Rate: Some people don’t care about the pixel response rate of the monitor but for techie people, this is a big factor. PRR is the time when a pixel responds to a command. An example when a pixel changes from black to white. Monitors with low PPR are most likely to lag when you’re watching high definition movies or when you’re playing.

• Resolution: Resolution is the number of pixels a monitor have horizontally and vertically. The higher the resolution of a monitor, the more information it can display. Resolution also affects the color of the images or videos that are viewed in the monitor. Compared to the monitors before, one can clearly see their difference to the monitors of today. Monitors back then have a very low resolution; they won’t let you watch high definition movies. But now, monitors available in the market have very high resolution that will let you view or watch HD media.

• Cost: The factors above sumup the price of the monitor, the higher they are, the greater the price. The cost varies according to the size, PRR and the resolution. Some other features also affect the price of the monitor.


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