Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone’s Components Leaked in Pictures

As reported, the back-panel of the Apple’s next-generation iPhone has been revealed this Tuesday. According to the leaked images, the next-gen iPhone will have an aluminum made rear with a small sized dock connector, and a repositioned audio jack.

Yet, the leaked images demonstrate a little taller iPhone and a wary font that is showing the iPhone’s product name. It may be a fake leak so you should consider this as a pinch of salt.

As previously reported, Apple is planning to change the glass back-panels that are currently being used in the design of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to replace it with the new aluminum back.

Apple Next-Gen iPhone

The audio jack is also rumored to be repositioned and while the earpiece is also said to be repositioned as the photo of the next-gen Apple’s iPhone suggests. According to these new images, the audio jack is now situated at the bottom of the iPhone while the earpiece and WiFi components have also been relocated.

In addition to these changes, the 30-pin iPod dock connector is also supposed to be getting out of the scene too, since the upcoming Apple’s iPhone is rumored to have a new and yet a smaller port. It is expected that a great amount of space will be saved because of the new replacements of components.

As far as its size is concerned, rumors are spreading that it will feature a 4” display screen with retina display technology.

As reported, the Apple’s next-gen iPhone will not have a slimmer design yet it will have a different-color hued actually two-toned design.

Yet, there isn’t anything official so you must not consider this news as an authentic one. We are about to see if these rumors turn out to be true or not once the iPhone 5 reveals in the month of October (as said by Apple). Stay tuned, folks!


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