All About Apple’s New iPhone 5

The game changer, iPhone 5 announced earlier this week and hitting the Apple retail stores on September 21 is likely to bring heavy revenues in the company’s fourth quarter sheets. Currently Apple is being overwhelmed with the pre-orders of the smartphone just like the sale of more than 1 million iPhone 4S, its previous counterpart in the first 24 hours of its pre-sales last October. Arriving with faster LTE network technology, better design and faster processor, the latest flagship product of Apple is creating waves again.

Apple iPhone 5

Talking about the new features, iPhone 5 has thinner and taller design with the display measuring 4 inches diagonally. This provides a good amount of extra space for browsing, adding another layer of icons and enhancing the screening experiences. Then we have a faster A6 chip and an extra microphone. The camera has been undergone improvements too. The back is mostly metal with glass portions on the top and bottom for letting antennas communicate without obstacles. The SIM will now have to be even smaller, Micro to Nano presenting a thinner spec. The new dock connector being 80 percent smaller than other 30 pin connectors saves the user from the hassles of orienting it correctly as there is no top or bottom or it can be aligned either way. However the old cables won’t work with this new phone and the adapter provided by Apple is way too expensive. The battery life is more or less the same, however the standby has increased to 225 hours from 200 hours of iPhone 4S, as stated by the Apple’s standards. The phone employs LTE technology, a faster 4G network connection which will result in fast downloads, streaming and browsing.

The iPhone starts at $199 for the 16GB version, going up to $299 for the 32GB one and finally reaching upto $399 for the 64GB flavor, all coming with a two years contract from the carrier. For customers who had purchased the previous version of the phone and are willing to upgrade, there are a number of options available (depending upon the carrier) to return or exchange with Apple’s having 30 day return policy.

Preorders started on September 14 on the Apple’s site and other US carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Release day supply has already been sold out and Apple had to push back new orders by nearly two weeks as stated by the company. Preorders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” an Apple spokeswoman said. “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

The battle of Apple and Samsung will take a new turn with the launch of the iPhone 5. Who retains the crown and who is left behind in the smartphone race will be uncovered soon enough as the analysts reveal the stats. Till then, let’s sit back and enjoy both flavors.


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