Apple Facing Lack of Labors in China Due to Extensive Production of Their Next-Generation MacBooks

It appears that the Apple’s next-gen MacBooks have huge demand in markets. On the other hand, the corporation’s module suppliers at the Far East are facing lack in the number of labors as they are doing extensive production for creating an adequate amount of supplies for their MacBooks.

Due to the strong orders for the new Apple’s MacBook, Apple supply chain is struggling to keep up with the high demand of the product. In contrast, a number of supply chains are outsourcing their orders to get along with the requirements of Apple for their next-gen MacBooks that are about to hit in the upcoming time. The MacBook supply chain had been delivering products since April with shipments for chassis seeing as they had foreseen an evident growth in May. It is expected that the component shipments will continue to elevate by the month of June as the new Apple’s MacBook will be possibly launched by next month. As a source stated that suppliers are expecting the Apple’s total MacBooks in 2012 to bound from 12.79 million in 2011 to between 16.24 and 19.2 million in 2012. With this rate, it is evident that for each quarter, Apple sells an average of over 4 million notebook systems.


As said by sources from the upstream supply chain:

“Component manufacturing plants in eastern China have been suffering from labor shortages for a long time, and although May and June are the IT industry’s traditional slow season when shortage issues are usually not as significant, the strong orders from Apple’s new MacBook are leaving many upstream makers unable to satisfy demand.”

Availability of Apple’s next-gen MacBooks: As to what has been reported, Apple claims that the suppliers have initiated the delivery process of their first set of equipments for the company’s next-gen MacBook collection as early as previous month. In this regard, deliveries for the MacBook’s new carcass will rise this month. As expected, the producers will boost their manufacturing the following month, slating an expected availability date in the month of July.


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