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Top 5 Free Android Apps for You


Being one of the most advanced devices of our new age, Android enhances the demand of the modern generation. This generation, which is better known as “generation Y”, wants faster, smarter and more developed devices in their hands. Android, with all its extraordinary features and modern applications, can fulfill these demands. With the advent of […]

Google Denies Android Botnet Claims

Search giant Google has rejected the claims that its operating system, Android has been hacked by a botnet. Following allegations from Microsoft security researchers and Anti Virus firm Sophos that Botnet has been sending spam from yahoo mail server using Android devices, Google cleared in a statement that these spammers are rather using infected computers […]

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean All Set to Create Waves

With the Android market paving its path to pinnacles, Google yet again impresses developers and the android crazy users all over the world by launching an update to its operating system – Android 4.1 or what the delicacies say, Jelly Bean. This year, 400 million android based devices have been sold, according to the company’s […]