Alienware M17X Laptop Review

The first ever gaming laptop in ever THE AELIAN. Desktop performance on a laptop dedicatedly for the extreme gaming. With a available nvidia Ge Force GTXm285 graphic card. Intel i7 core 940xm Extreme edition.

Well the speed is a survival when it comes to a laptop for the hard core gaming. But you need to opt to a desktop but the excitement is for all out is a gaming laptop which flawless y is meant for a extreme gaming for the people who needs a high experiencing victory.

Alienware M17X Laptop

All in all this laptop is powers with a GPU of ultra high –definition mobile gaming ATI cross Fire X.and the laptop is to be reckoned with a high graphics which is ultra fast and is compatible with desktop quality imagery.

DESIGN: Power isn’t the matter of the Alien wares it is all new anodized futuristic design and the good of doing is you can own personalize your one with a option of red ,black or a metallic color.

DISPLAY: So to be solidly stated this has a brighter screen which is a 17 inch display LCD screen with a stunning featuring look of design with a dual ccfl back-lit LCD display with the high quality more detailing screen display.

WEBCAM: It has a dedicated 2 megapixel webcam with a microphone beside along which can array you to broadcast across the web wirelessly. more over it comes with life and beauty alongside durability ANODIZED ALUMINIUM it cases the machine life span for naturally occurred were and tear. Which is thermal efficient and more off it has plenty of strength to protect anything the inside.

Alienware M17X Laptop

Alienware M17X Laptop

SPECS: Processor: Intel i7 core 940xm Extreme edition.

AUDIO: Internal 5.1 surround Dolby speakers.

GRAPHICS: Nvidia Ge Force GTXm285.

And the best part of it s it is can be quick and easily can be equipped with our own specifications of our wish. And this isn’t coming easy neither it is tagged at a price of 1500 USD.


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